Eating can do so much more than just satisfy hunger.

Eating can do so much more than just satisfy hunger. Mary’s Meals supports children by making sure their educational facility has a hot meal available for them every day. On the one hand, this is intended to counteract the lack of food in the affected regions, but on the other hand, it also ensures that the affected children can receive helpful training and further education at school or at their training center. A great thought, we think!

Let’s take a deeper look into this project and describe in detail what the intention of the founders of Mary’s Meals was and what they want to achieve with this organization.

When the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina broke out in 1992, the Scottish MacFarlane-Barrow brothers decided to start a local fundraiser. They then joined an aid convoy and drove to the crisis area themselves to hand over the aid. They repeated this routine several times, with a constant increase in participation. It quickly became clear that they wanted to specifically support children in crisis regions, which resulted in what is now Mary’s Meals.

Mary’s Meals now operates worldwide and is supported by an international team of volunteers and paid helpers. The focus is always on decreasing the amount of suffrage where there is suffering. A wide network of educational institutions in over twenty countries is now being supplied with food. This food is mostly local fare, with care being taken to include a vegetarian option as often as possible. It is always checked by observers on the part of Mary’s Meals that the use of the ingredients provided is as discussed.

However, it is not just about solving short-term problems in the relevant areas. The idea behind this project is a lasting change for those affected. If you try to enable a successful education with the food, you indirectly trigger a chain reaction.

This makes it easier for children and young people, no matter where they live in the world, to lead a satisfying existence later and to positively influence themselves and those around them.

In this way, a difference can be initiated that will bring change and stability over several generations. This change and stability can then result in the children of today’s children no longer having to be hungry tomorrow!

That convinces us.

But what exactly does it do if you donate to this organization?

Mary’s Meals assures that 93% of the money donated is actually used in the projects. This makes them very cheap in comparison to covering your own costs.

On average, it costs 18,30 euros to feed a child at school for a year. Assuming 190 school days, this means that a meal costs around 0.10 euros on average.

We want to give you the opportunity, with every order at Fast-Dine, to buy a meal for someone who can really use it right now.

Just 10 cents can give a child a future!

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