Support restaurants with an order through FAST DINE and donate

to children in need.

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With FAST DINE, you can even order at the table using your smartphone.

Don't want to wait forever for the next round of drinks? This is how easy it is to order & pay with FAST DINE at the table“

Scan the QR code at the table
Use your phone camera for this
Choose your menu
Completely flexible & reorder at any time
Enjoy your order
Use the filter settings and show for example only vegetarian dishes

Best restaurants for the best food



I'm tasty and you know it!


Italienische Pizza

Life happens- Pizza helps.



I like the way you roll!



You're the hummus to my falafel

Why to Order with Fast Dine

01. Fair

We only charge 5% to the restaurants

04. Community

Together with you and the restaurants we enjoy joie de vivre and help and support at the same time


fast | flexible | fair

02. CO2 Balance

We offset the Co2 emissions of your order and make it climate neutral

03. Children in need

With every order a donation is made to children in need

05. Support

We support the restaurants online & offline to

promote their growth


With your order via

FAST DINE, you’re helping restaurants.

Mary's Meals

Equalize your orders Co2 Emissions and make it Climate Neutral. Each and every one of your orders gives a child in need an education as well as food on the table. 

Mary’s Meals goal is to provide every child with a daily meal in school. Support this world-connecting movement, by automatically becoming part of it with every fast dine order you make. 

Mary’s meals is already helping 2 million children. We pass on 100% of all donations. 

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